Friday, June 26, 2009

I have tears in my ears...

My uncle used to sing a song that said, "I've got tears in my ears from lying on my back in my bed, crying over you." Well, I have tears in my eyes not my ears, and not for those reasons. I am dehydrating onions today. We got some Vidalia onions for a good price at the store. I have yet to grow a good crop of onions. We like to dehydrate them and then chop them into pieces and use them all winter. They are like candy. I have had people who do not even like onions like the dehydrated Vidalias. The trays on my dehydrator are a pretty good size. I can get one onion on each tray. I currently have 9 trays drying. I have more onions, but will wait to do them. I also took out some oregano just before I put the onions in.

It is also dairy day again. Here is my milk heating for cheese.

Here is my butter in process in my DLX. It is actually out there draining right now. As soon as I get the cheese draining, I will work the butter.

Well, I just took a quick break to check on the news and weather. I decided to go ahead and make a post. :)

Oh, I also had a bird come down the chimney, so I set up my bird trap and caught the bird and let it outside. :)

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