Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dairy Day on the Farm

Today was dairy day again. I get a surplus of milk and have to deal with it. I made butter and jalapeno cheese.

Here is a picture of the cream in my DLX. It is almost to the whipped cream stage at this point.

This is past the whipped cream stage where it is really starting to change over. Brittany said it looked like ice cream.

This video shows it going from the thick stage like above into a separation of butter and buttermilk. I love how it works its way up the roller attachment on the DLX. It makes it really easy to get off. It is hard to hear me on the video because of the DLX running. I didn't think it was that loud in real life. :)

I had a small bit of butter left over after I measured it into 1/2 cup pieces to freeze. I put the last little blob on my butter dish next to the store bought butter. I had gotten a really good deal on store bought butter and stocked up. I don't even like its flavor. I still have one more pound left. The store bought butter is so pale next to Buttercup's butter. The specks you see are pepper. I thought I was salting the butter and had grabbed the pepper shaker. I rinsed off what I could, but it would not all come out and I was not going to waste the butter. I marked a "P" on all the butter balls so that I will know which ones have pepper.

Here is the milk portion almost ready to turn off to make cheese.
I actually enjoy dairy day. I don't enjoy all the mess though. :) I have my DLX bowl and tools, the big 5 gallon cheese pot, empty jars and bowls. :) It is worth it though to have the milk, cheese, and butter!!

Praise the Lord, we are getting some much needed rain today!!


Jenna said...

The butter looks wonderful! What a blessing to have all that milk:)

Faith said...

Sigh... I sure miss having a cow. Many blessings to you and your bovine sweet. :)