Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This and That

I wanted to show you the onions after they were dehydrated and run through the food processor. This is 9 onions. I put a coffee cup in the picture to help you judge the size of the jar.

Here is Patsy (Josh & Britt's kitten). She is destroying my flowers and I can't keep her out of them. I hope they come home soon.
I actually caught a picture with a bee on my flowers. :)

I forget what these are called, but they are very pretty.

I am always amazed when I look at these orange lilies. They are not my favorite at all, but they have so much detail and they are all alike. What an awesome Creator we serve.

We got some rain and the garden is growing like crazy. The weeds are growing the fastest... of course!!!

The green beans are starting up the wires.

I had planted a row of sunflowers on one side of this raised bed. They got tilled up by accident, so I planted a row on the other side, because it would not get tilled. Now the other side IS coming up and I am trying to figure out how I will pick the lettuce in the middle. :)

Here is our yellow squash plant. It is doing well.

We tried using white plastic, that we already had here, to be a weed barrier. Instead it acted more like a greenhouse type effect. We had to take it up. Now we need to clear out between rows.

The lettuce looks pretty healthy so far. I have a row cover to put over these, once we weed between them.

Michael's corn is doing well. There are 3 rows this side of the corn you see. He planted it later, but it is coming up well too!!

How does your garden grow?

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