Friday, June 26, 2009

More Milking Adventures

We had friends come over tonight to help with milking. They brought a whole gang. :) Here is big sister letting younger sister have a try.

Here is the oldest sister with a younger sister watching.

Two of the little girls helped out by feeding the calves.

Mom even got in there and gave it a try!!!

See, we were having fun. I am not sure who they are laughing at right here.

The youngest came to supervise.

Calves are all done with their bottles!!

I am not sure what the show was out the door, but everyone seems to be enjoying it.

We are petsitting Josh & Britt's kitten. This little friend of mine was loving on her. Actually she was trying to love on her, but the kitten was not cooperating.

They worked really hard and just before they were done, the cow decided she needed to relieve herself and it splashed in the milk. :( We felt very badly for them. We did have a bit of milk, kombucha and jalapeno cheese we sent them home with.


Amanda said...

is that the eddy family? i haven't seen them in years; so, i am not certain.

Sharri said...

Looks like you had some lovely helpers there!
Too bad about the milk though :(

Anonymous said...

And thanks so much for the milk, cheese and kombucha aka "hootch" lol! It wasn't your fault about the milk but it was kind of you to give us that anyway.