Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Farm Happening

The other day when I made bread, I put one loaf's worth of dough in the fridge in a zip lock baggy. I knew I needed to check it several times. The first time I looked it was as tight as a drum and I had to let some air out and gently depress the dough. The next time I checked, it had burst out and made a hole. A little dough snake was sneaking out. :)

You have heard of dog piles and pig piles, but have you ever heard of or seen a sheep pile? It was time again to check the little rams to see if they were ready to be banded. We trapped them all in a stall and this is what happened. :)

They were ready to band, so I held them while Michael did the deed. One of them left my leg scratched and bruised from trying to get away. Here is a picture of all 5 lambs including the two girls.

We went and picked up the new calf this weekend. Here is Buttercup's calf. I keep thinking I will call him Houdini, but I don't want to encourage something. :)

Here is the new little guy. He is just a wee bit smaller than the other.

We had a beautiful Dogwood tree that a friend had given to us. It snapped off at the base this winter during one of them storms. She dug another one up for us. We planted it yesterday.

The Wonderful Neighbor boy came and built me 2 raised beds. We had a bunch of scrap wood. He did a great job. One has flower seeds planted and the other has lettuce planted.

We got the rest of the garden planted yesterday. The trellis' are up for the beans and the cukes. I planted lots of sunflower seeds. :)

The dogs were standing face toward the wind letting it blow their fur. They had to squint as well. :)


LadySnow said...

Looks like you have a lot going on! :-)

Nancy said...

Great pictures. :-) What kind of sheep are they?

The Stricklands said...

It sounds like a lovely Spring on the farm! I always love the pictures of your baby animals. Have a blessed week!

Marci said...

Nancy, I have Shetland Sheep.