Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Garden Helpers

Yesterday, I had my list all made. There was a lot to be accomplished and I work best with a list. I had to deal with the milk in the milk fridge. When I woke up there was 14 1/2 gallons out there. When I went to bed, there were 2 gallons out there. I took the cream off of at least 7 gallons and made butter. I ended up making 2 1/4 pounds of butter. I also made soft Italian cheese. Two of the gallons went to feed calves and one is left sitting out to separate so I can make cottage cheese. I also shared some with a friend. I will use one of the gallons left this morning to feed calves.

One of the jobs on our list was to weed the peas and the beets. The Wonderful Neighbor children came over and took care of that item on the list. Here are some pictures of their smilin' faces!! :) On the one picture the younger WN boy looks like he wants me and my camera to go away. :)

They did a great job, which I have yet to take a picture of. Today's list consists of cleaning up all the jars from yesterday. It is also kombucha day!!

Here are the pictures I took of the garden today. The first one is the bed they weeded. The peas are all laying over here and there. Ginny told me she never uses a trellis for her peas, so I tried mine without. :)

Here are my Kentucky Wonder pole beans coming up.

This is a bed of lettuce that the WN boy built for me. It is all different types of greens all mixed together.

This bed is a mixture of flower seeds of all kinds.

This is my 2 yellow squash plants coming up. The zucchini have not showed themselves yet. I will have to question the WN boy and see if he dug the seeds up so I would not have any zucchini to give them. :) (I am sure he did not... just teasin')


Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,
Can your soft Italian cheese be made with goat milk? I am constantly looking for recipes to use up the milk -- besides feeding it to the animals!

Sharri said...

PTL for your wonderful helpers!

The garden is looking good!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great job to have help with...I just hate weeding my garden! I just looked out a little bit ago at it and it is full of weeds but too wet to work in right now.

LadySnow said...

Wonderful helpers as always! :-) Thanks for the comments. I wish my garden was larger, but it has grown a lot the past couple of years...so that makes me happy. :-) Thanks for your comment for Brian as well. He told me what you said. He has worked so hard...I am so proud of him. :-)

Sharon said...

Wow! You do have wonderful neighbor children!!! Your garden is coming right along!