Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pickle Making Question

My sweet friend Patti (who I haven't seen for years) asked a question about hot pint jars. Many people do this many different ways. When I water bath, here is what I do. I fill my canner and put the first round of jars that I am going to use. Just a little aside here... I don't use the blue or black granite wear canners anymore. I had 3 that rusted through. I also did not care for the racks. I burned myself more than once using those things. I found a big stainless steel pan with a lid and I use the round rack from my pressure canner in the bottom. After the water in the canner is boiling (making the jars hot), I get them out one by one and fill them, wipe the rim, put the lid and ring on and then put them back into the water.

One reason it is a good idea to have your jars hot is because you are filling them with very hot liquid and food. Jars can break if they are too cool and you are putting something hot in them. I know some people run their jars through the dishwasher right before canning. They take the hot jars out of the dishwasher and fill them. That works as long as the jars don't cool down. I know other people who put the jars in the oven and turn it on warm and take their jars from the oven. I just like to do it the way I do. It is the easiest for me. Patti, I hope that answered your questions. If not, ask away. =)


Anonymous said...

I do my jars the same way you do, Marci. I've never had a problem. I made a batch of Bread and Butter Pickles today using the recipe you posted. They smelled wonderful. It never occured to me to use red wine vinegar! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

fourkid said...

You did great Marci - thanks so much. I really want to try these pickles - I have never done any real canning (just freezer jams and refig. pickles) - but I need to try real canning.

I have one of those Weck canners. I have used it for heat treatng goat colostrum, pasteruizing pails of milk, making chili and soups - but never actually canning!

I also found out that I have a pressure canner (I had asked you about this before) and I didn't even know I had one. I got it from a sale years ago of a farm family moving out - stuck it on the shelf - and there it has sat.

I must get over this mental block of canning - and these pickles seem like a good place to begin.