Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Stroll

I wanted to get some newer pictures of the garden. There are some weeds as you can see. We are working on them. =) The corn is looking good, but the bottom leaves are turning yellow. Did this happen to anyone else? The beets and bush beans are in the foreground. We have some bush beans in another area as well.
My pepper plants are finally taking off. This is one of the very few blooms that are out there.

The tomato plants are tall and lush, but there are not tons of tomatoes and none of them are turning red.

Here are some of the slicers.

This is some of the cherry tomatoes.

These are some of the paste tomatoes.

My dill is getting heads. I lost some of my plants in my herb garden. I am nursing the others along.

The cabbage is getting big. I went out and salted all the plants to keep the worms off.

My pole beans are growing like crazy. I have not seen any blooms yet though.

I have a few baby cucumbers. The neighbor shared some big ones with me. I hope to get enough to do lots of pickles.

This yellow squash plant is small and puny. I just read that they are the number one draw for squash bugs. They said to not plant straight or crook neck yellow squash and chances are you won't have squash bugs. I took all the leaves or portions of leaves with their eggs and burned them. I took the leaf off of a weed and squished all the adult bugs I could find. For as puny as this plant is, there are 3 squash growing on it.

The zucchini is going wild as usual. We have already eaten lots of them, and have lots in the fridge and lots on the vine. =) Want some zucchini??

Here is another picture of our first planting of corn.

I hope to be showing you the harvest of our labor before too long.


LadySnow said...

The Garden looks wonderful!

Teresa said...

Salt the cabbages? Just regular table salt? This works? I'll have to try this!

Anonymous said...

Our 'maters are loaded but none are turning red. It is really strange. We should be neck deep in them by now...not sure what is going on this year. Maybe we have the same "bug" or whatever. Anyhow, we wait patiently. Keep up messing with the squash beetles. Yellow squash is worth all the work!