Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Sees, He Knows, He Cares

I will often pop a video in when I am folding clothes. Some videos take me several weeks to finish watching. Some are shorter and I get through them. Today, I started to watch a video from Vision Forum. It is called Biblical Femininity. It is talking about being dominion oriented and willing to make sacrifices now that will help and build future generations who you will never meet. It reminded me of the video below. The video is a real encouragement to Mom's who think that nobody sees the sacrifices they make, but can also be used in other aspects of our life and walk. Do we draw attention to ourselves to let people know how hard something is for us, or what a sacrifice we are making? Do we moan and groan as we do things so that others will know we are working hard? What is my life about? Is it my own comfort and goals, or do I put others first? Keep working on me Lord!!!

God has really been showing me things in my life. He has been working hard on this ole gal. For some reason He has used pain and hurt. Not physical pain and hurt, but the deep wrenching kind that is deep in your heart. There have been several instances this year that if I let my mind go there, I would say they are not fair. However, I serve a Sovereign Lord who has sifted everything that comes my way through His fingers of love and He has approved it. It is for my good. I am told that. I have seen Him too many times be so real to me. To speak to me, to show me that He is watching, to show me that I am loved. I often encourage people to write down all those times that God showed Himself strong on their behalf, those Ebeneezer moments, those standing stones. When we are discouraged or don't see Him clearly working, we need to go back and read that list. To remember that He is there with us.

One thing the pain has caused is to keep me tender. If you call and tell me that your dog died, I will cry with you. If you call and tell me how your heart swelled with pride watching your child do something so selfless and it caused tears of joy, I will cry with you. It is not fake, it just happens. Somehow and someway God wants to use me having a very tender heart.

If I give in to despair and let bitterness pour in, I am the big loser. Bottom line... it says that I do not trust God. Are you discouraged? Have you had some hard things happen in your life? Please know and believe that God sees. He knows your hurts. He knows your pain. He knows your hopes and desires.

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The Sisters said...

That was a great post Marci!


Theresa said...

This speaker has a little gift book with pictures of cathedrals and the information that she has just spoken on along with other stories related to the same topic. My friend lent it to to me. I think she got it at Women of Faith conference. It was good to hear the reminder again today.

LadySnow said...

Thanks for the reminder Marci...I almost forgot about that video. Post is very good.

Michele said...

Thank you Marci, this was meant for me. I wish I could get to that point, truly feeling that He is doing what is best for me. Sure doesnt feel like it right now. How could this be best for anyone I dont know. Thanks for the encouragement.