Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raising Noble Sons And Daughters

• NEW — Raising Noble Sons and Victorious Daughters Collection — Limited Time Offer!

• Bonus book included: Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

THE BIBLE EXHORTS sons and daughters to act with nobility, honor, and purpose. The world teaches them to devote themselves to self-indulgence, entertainment and selfish pursuits. The Bible teaches that while there are many areas of overlap in the preparation of boys and girls for life, there are also key differences. The world minimizes and mocks those differences. The Bible emphasizes a distinctively masculine vision of boyhood, and a distinctively feminine vision of girlhood. The world glorifies and markets an androgynous vision of childhood.

And while the fundamental truths of Scripture on manhood and womanhood were largely undisputed throughout the history of the church, the spread of humanism through the schools and the media, the broader culture and the Church itself, has left many wondering whether the ancient truths of Scripture are even relevant in a postmodern world.

In Vision Forum's view, they are not only relevant, but the future of Christian family culture in America depends on whether or not we take them seriously. This means placing ourselves under rock solid preaching. It means rebuilding Christian culture within our homes. It means careful study of the Scripture. And it means providing tools to our sons and daughters in the form of libraries that reinforce the biblical values of daughterhood and sonship, of noble boyhood and virtuous girlhood. They need to know that Church history is behind them, that modern culture is toxic, and that there is a great cloud of witnesses who walked before them modeling the Christ-exalting attributes to which they must aspire.

It is towards this end that Vision Forum is pleased to present the Raising Sons and Victorious Daughters Collection.

Raising Noble Sons and Victorious Daughters Collection, is a library of six books offers practical advice for equipping boys and girls for the high calling of biblical manhood and womanhood. Topics covered include: how to choose friends: how to guard the tongue: how to act during public worship: how to behave at the table: how to be graceful and feminine: how to keeps one’s mind pure before marriage: how to govern the tongue: how to encourage brothers and sisters to be best friends: and much more.
Making for enjoyable reading, the authors include numerous anecdotes from the lives of young people whose examples can instruct us, including how boys can be rough and hardy while still being gentlemen and how girls can be adventurous while still being ladies. These are great tools for training sons and daughters to live with noble purpose before the Lord.

This collection includes:

How To Be A Lady
How To Be A Man
The Young Man's Friend
First Lessons In Gentleness And Truth
Making Brothers And Sisters Best Friends
A Practical Directory For Young Christian Females

Due to limited availability, this collection is a limited stock offer, and special pricing is good only while supplies last. The Raising Noble Sons and Victorious Daughters collection is available for $59 — 30% savings off of Retail of $87.00. Offer expires at midnight on July 25, (CDT). There is limited stock, and is good only while supplies last.

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