Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Product Highlight

On Thursdays I plan on highlighting a product that we carry in the General Store. This will give people a chance to hear about why we chose to carry that product.

This week I am going to highlight the DLX. The DLX is a heavy duty mixer that can knead a large quantity of dough, mix a cake, whip a meringue or make butter from cream. I have used a DLX mixer for around 12 years. It has never let me down. When I first started using the DLX, I would make six loaves of bread at a time. You get a lighter more fluffy loaf of bread if you work the gluten properly. The DLX does an excellent job at this. It has a unique roller and scraper system which creams shortening, butter & margarine to silky perfection for delicious cakes, creams and cookies. The large capacity stainless steel bowl allows you to knead up to 23 cups (7lbs.) of flour, producing as much as 15 lbs. of the smoothest and most elastic dough. It has an efficient, high-torque 600 watt motor that runs smoothly and quietly without straining even with big batches of dough.

This is looking down into the stainless steel bowl that comes with it. You see the roller and if you look on the left side of the bowl, you will see the scraper.

It has two easy to read dials. One is for the speed and the other is a timer.

Mine did not come with this bowl, but it now comes with the DLX as well as the stainless bowl. This is a double whisk bowl. It will create beautiful meringues, beating up to 18 egg whites (or as few as one) with excellent results. You can also cream butter and shortening with sugar to the creamiest texture for all your cookie needs. When the white bowl is used, it is stationary (unlike the stainless bowl, which turns during use), and the whisks drive from below via a center column in the bowl (the white bowl is shaped something like a bunt cake.) This arrangement provides total access to the top of the Magic Mill bowl, with no overhead motor drive in the way.

You can also purchase a blender that fits on the DLX. It is a very high power blender.

This is the meat grinder attachment. We have used this when we were running low on ground beef, but still had plenty of other cuts. We have also used it to process a deer. We have and use this attachment as the meat grinder, but we also have the pasta disks that go on it to make simple and quick homemade pasta.

There are other attachments available. There is a flaker mill which I highly recommend. We buy our oats as groats rather than already rolled. We freshly roll our oats when ever we are making granola or baking. You can also use the flaker mill to roll barley and other soft grains. We use it to crack wheat when we make bear mush.

I would stand behind a DLX and highly recommend it. It has worked hard for my family. I use it to make butter for the family. It is available in our General Store.

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Theresa said...

I have had my DLX only 5 months and can't imagine life without it now! And it does make your bread nicely textured!