Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An Evening Stroll Between Storms

We had some nasty storms roll through and there are more on the way. Here is our garden. Things seem to be growing well. The peppers are not liking the cooler weather we have had. My big cheater tomato is turning orange.
Here is the corn, beans and beets. We still have lots of weeding left to do.

Here are some sky pictures of the incoming front. You can see large white tents out on the back of our neighbor's property. They are having a wedding at their house this weekend. I hope the weather works for them. They have a small airstrip back there and they have an ultra light. The groom wants to fly he and his bride out on a little Cessna. They are having to take some of the fence down and use part of our land to have enough runway. We hope to watch. =)

Something is eating my Echinaceas. Every single bloom has holes in it.

The Sedum is getting buds.

I found this piece of pottery to go in our garden.

This is one of the Shasta Daisies I planted.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll.


Unknown said...

Ron said that you take really good pictures. I have to agree. Especially of storms! I don't have a good view of the storms rolling in. There are trees in my way. Not complaining, though...

Marci said...

Thank you Ron. It really helps to have that view though!! Some of those pictures almost look more like paintings than photos.

Peggy said...

Beautiful walk around your farm!

Teresa said...

I agree, great photos. I noticed the wedding banner on top, that's so neat. Bet you're getting all excited inside about that coming up!

On the cow posts, what breed is it that isn't bred for production and are still grass-fed type? It would be good to know (for us newbies) for when we look for one.

Love to you, Teresa

Marci said...

Teresa, it was an old line of Jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Marci, we live in Alabama and sure wish some of that rain would find its way to our house. I have to keep telling myself the Lord knows what I need more than I do. The rain will come, I'm sure. Also, I wanted to say thanks for all the info on cow's milk and the making of butter and cheese. We sold the last of our Nubian herd yesterday and I cried like a baby. I miss them, I did the milking and had a good bonding with them. I didn't forget you or what you have done for me. Thanks!!

Marci said...

Oh Robin, I remember when we sold our goats last spring. I cried like a baby. It is just in the last few weeks that I really could look at pictures of them without crying. I do miss them, but they were a feed bill that we could live without.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
We enjoyed our stroll! You have a beautiful farm!

~Have a great day!

LadySnow said...

I always love the picture you take of fronts moving through. Oh...I noticed the ticker on the top of the page. Wow..time is really flying by. :D And, I did notice the new pottery today. Very pretty.

Sharri said...

Love the countdown banner! Bet I know 2 people who think that is going wayyyyy tooooo slowwwwww! :0)

Those storm clouds looked ominous!

Won't you just hate to leave there if you ever move!? It's a lovely place!

Kelly said...

Aren't those skys just beautiful! I love a good storm!