Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Fruits of the Forests

We keep hoping one day to find a golf cart or a gator type vehicle to use on the farm. As the chicks in the field grow, each pen takes their own bucket of water and feed. It all has to be hand carried out to the field, or we use the trunk of a car. This car is not reliable enough to drive anywhere, but it can haul feed to the chickens.
Here are some hickory nuts already growing. I have not seen them this big, this early.

The black raspberries are coming in. I have several patches that are wild on the property.

If you were to look at this little cluster right now, the dark one is missing. =) YUM!!!

This is the side of my house. It is a mess. There is Virginia Creeper growing up the walls and poke berry bushes keep coming up no matter how many times they are chopped down. We have multi flora roses (read briars) that have sprouted there. It is going to take a major overhaul. The vegetable garden was our first priority. We did finish planting it and have been weeding some of the rows that were not mulched. I saw my first Japanese Beetle of the season tonight. Those things are pesky.

Here are some close up of the flowers that are blooming right now. It just amazes me at how intricate God got with His design and yet each lily looks like the next one.

Well, thanks for spending another evening walking around the farm with me. I started a new exercise program today and I am already sore. I hope I can sleep.


LadySnow said...

I love black raspberries. They look delicious. :D As always...love all the pics. :)

Sharri said...

Your flowers are so pretty! Great pics!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your pictures, the flowers are so lovely.Thanks for sharing them. Hugs Lisa

Unknown said...

Hey, using the car is a great idea! The flowers are loverly, darling. :-D

Peggy said...

as always everything is so beautiful around your place!

Teresa said...

Yummy! This is always the week that I start picking the wild blackberries to put back for winter cobblers (and some for now, of course!) The ticks are especially bad this year so it's hard to get quite as excited as usual.

I LOVE to see Virginia Creeper in the fall time b/c they usually turn like the trees do. I bet it is beautiful against your house. As for poke, fry those babies up! Every time I chop down a young stem, I fuss at myself for not making use of it. It's better than okra! I'm probably not saying anything you don't already know.

Beautiful flowers. I'm working on a post of daylilies here, as I just put in a bed behind the house. A local (30 minutes drive) lady has a patch with nearly a 50 varieties. I planted 7 different kinds and plan to get more.

Still thinking of you and praying for Doug. Take care!

LadySnow said...

Oh..and if you want something bigger to haul water and feed...you could always buy our van. ;)

Soon....you will have more reason to come and visit too. :D Since I will have neighbors that are important to you.

Sharon said...

Hi Marci,
Your flowers are so pretty!
I need to take a look at our hickory trees. I found instructions in a book on how to crack those nuts. I've heard that most people don't gather or use them because of the difficulty in extracting them. If we have any this year, I thought about giving it a try. Have you ever used them in baking? We've been in such bad drought conditions that I'm not sure what's going to happen to our trees. We lost one of our pear trees this year. :(

Sharon said...

I meant to also tell you that my daughter loves to read your blog, too. :) She doesn't comment yet, but really enjoys all of your posts.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
We enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. Your flowers are beautiful!

~Have a great day!