Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chicks are 4 Weeks Old

The chicks are now 4 weeks old. I kind of cheated on this a bit. I took their picture on Wednesday evening instead of Thursday afternoon like I have been. They grow SO fast.

Look how big their feet are!!

You can also see they are getting a bit ugly in the above picture. If you click on it and make it big, you will notice the chicken on the far left has more of a red comb on his head. He is probably a rooster and the other 2 are probably hens.


Theresa said...

They've got that gangly teenager look now! LOL

The Stricklands said...

I just love your chicken pictures! We are still praying about buying a 100 year old farm house about 25 miles away. It even has an old chicken brooder building. I think my little ones will have so much fun with chickens and goats. Still loving the cookbook I ordered from you - thanks again!