Friday, October 26, 2007

Latest International Guests

I have been intrigued by the different countries and cities around the world that have happened upon my blog. I would still love to hear from any of you on how you found us. Here is the latest list since my last posting on this. If you want to see all the different ones go down to the bottom of the post where it says Labels. Click on Around the World.

Singapore Singapore
Perth Western Australia Australia
Oakville Ontario Canada
Warsaw Mazowieckie Poland
Dominican Republic
Fernando De La Mora Central Paraguay
St. John New Brunswick Canada
Aarschot Brabant Wallon Belgium
Brisbane Queensland Australia
Owen Sound Ontario Canada
St. Catherines Ontario Canada
Orangeville Ontario Canada
New Zealand
Geneva Switzerland
Bristol England UK
Beijing China
Sanlafe De Bogota Distrito Capital Columbia
Valencia Spain
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

Welcome to each of you. I would love to hear more about your countries. I realize that I am not even sure what the names stand for. I do understand Canada and the UK. Thank you for stopping by.


Sharri said...

Wow Marci! Ya'll are World Famous! Hee hee!

Patty said...

isn't it fun to keep track of the countries.

Julee Ann said...

I'm jealous of your world visitors. My dream would be to have a sidebar of JUST non USA favorites. Can I invite your visitors over to my blog? I guess I just did. Your posts ALWAYS inspire me.