Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Stay in Your Pajamas!! =)

I normally am up and dressed at a fairly decent hour. However, I discovered something this week. If I want a visitor, stay in my nightgown and robe. =) On Monday, I decided to just stay in my jammies for a bit. They were warm and comfortable. I rarely get morning visitors unless it was previously arranged that someone was coming early to get eggs or something. My dogs started barking and I heard a knock at the door. One of the Wonderful Neighbor children came over to ask me something about the calves. They have a calf in with ours and the mineral feeder was empty. I told him I would fill it when I went out to check their water. This morning, I decided once again that I was cozy and warm in my jammies and did not get dressed right away. The dogs started barking and I went to the door and all 4 of the Wonderful Neighbor children were there. They each had in their hand a lemon and poppy seed muffin for me. See why I call them the Wonderful Neighbors? =) I can hear Mrs. Wonderful now with her PUHLEEZE!!! =) I told the children this morning that I had learned the secret of having morning guests when I wanted them. Stay in my jammies!!!

These same neighbors came to my door recenty with a present for me. They know I love sunflowers and had seen this coffee mug at the store. They bought it for me. It just looks so fallish. It is now my favorite Autumn coffee mug.
Here is a picture of one of the steers who will be going to the butcher at the end of this week. I believe this is Bullseye. He belongs to the Wonderfuls.
Here are some more shots of Autumn color. These were all taken on the property here.
This little plant was standing all by itself in the yard.
These last 3 pictures are all taken from the top of our pasture hill looking toward the back of our property. It is a panorama of what you see when standing on the hill.


LadySnow said...

Yep...sure fire way to get unexpected guests is to stay in your jammies...and.....make sure your house is a wreck from not being cleaned yet. :D

Mary said...

Yes, if you stay in your jammies, someone will surely drop by.

That coffee mug is wonderful and how nice for them to bring muffins.

Loved the photos. They are all beautiful.


Sharon said...

Your fall photos are beautiful. Your place reminds me of where my grandparents lived in Bainbridge, OH. I was born in Chillicothe, but raised in FL. Now in North GA.

The sunflower mug is so pretty and unique. I'd say the neighbors are wonderful, too! ;-)

Patty said...

Such pretty colors Marci and boy can I say AMEN to staying in your jammies brings company. Also if you hang clothes up on lines in your living room when it rains, people will stop over too :)