Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Am So Grateful!!

I am truly thankful to God for my life. There are some parts of it that are a mess, but that is self imposed, not God imposed. However, I am blessed beyond belief. I am healthy and breathe on my own without the use of a machine. I take no medication on a regular basis. I walk on my own two legs, and have the use of my hands and arms. I can see, smell hear, taste and feel. I have a wonderful husband who not only has put up with me for over 28 years, but loves me. I have a fine son who loves the Lord and is doing well working with his hands as a contractor. I have friends that live around me and they share their children with me. I have a farm and the animals that live on it. Truly these all belong to God, but He has allowed me to enjoy them. Here are some pictures I have taken over the last few days.

This first one is the view from the end of my road. You can see the Amish corn field. They have it all set up in shocks. I don't live among the mountains I love, but at least I have hills.
There are such unique colors and sounds this time of year. Here is some field corn. This is corn that is not good for eating on the cob. It is used in animal feed or ground up for cornmeal and flour. If you stand near it, you can hear it rattle in the wind. They let it totally dry up in the field before they bring the combines in to harvest it. I love the color of it. It would be hard to go in and pick out a paint color or a crayon color to match it.
These trees are on our property. The ones turning are mostly hickory trees. They are never very pretty in the fall... sort of a dirty yellow.
When I went out to do chores this morning, this little lady was in the shed waiting for her egg to arrive. =) If you click on the picture and make it larger you will notice that she is missing feathers on her back. This means she is a favorite of the roosters. She is probably a good egg layer. If you see hens that look all perfect and unruffled and have bright red stand up perfect combs, they are probably just feed burners and not good layers. This hen is a light brahma.
Here are my little wether lambs. Since the one died, I have really babied these guys. They appear to be doing well. I still love Veritas's coloring. He has a panda bear face.
Here is another picture of Veritas as well as Crescendo. They are coming in to greet me and wait for their feed. We are feeding them a bit of grain right now, because the pasture is so poor due to the drought.
Here are the above 2 lambs with Brent. I have these 4 little wethers in one pasture and the other sheep in the other pasture. Who ever sees me coming first starts hollering and alerts everyone that breakfast or supper is on the way.
These are the sheep in the other pasture. Charity is on the front left and Sunshine is on the front right. That is Grace in the background.
I had noticed the last few days when I was out in the shed, that this hen would peek at me around the door to the pen. She would just peek around and then back up and in a few minutes peek around again. I wondered what she was up to. So, today I watched her. When the alert went up that I was on my way out, here came this hen from around behind the sheep pen. Here is a picture of her peeking at me. Then I found out why....
I put the feed out for the little guys and look who bellied up to the bar to share breakfast!!!!
I found this lone Echinacea bloom on the plants out front. All the other ones are dead heads, but this one wanted to sing forth God's glory in one last blast!!
These Iris's just popped up in the weed bed... um I mean flower bed. They are truly blooming where they are planted.

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