Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Busy Day on the Farm

Today, I ended up with lots of company and it was co-op day. My friend Ginny was coming over to visit and bring her brother and his children. Their van broke down on the way over. I called a tow truck for them and then called the neighbor to see if she could go and get them, since there was not room in the tow truck for all of them. As I was calling her, a friend showed up in my driveway to drop something off. She volunteered to go and get them. She left her 3 little girls here with me so that she would have room for all of them. She came back to pick up her girls as the truck arrived, so she stayed and helped me unload the truck. After Ginny and her brother got the van towed and went to Ginny's to get another vehicle, they came back and we had a nice visit. Her niece liked all the animals... at a distance. =) Farm animals, especially big ones, can be very intimidating if you have not been around them. She did get to feed the little calves a bottle and she got to pet a lamb. My dogs all LOVE children. She was not ready to be loved by them. They were not getting the message. Then the Wonderful Neighbors came over to get their co-op order and stayed and visted as well. It was a good day full of people. I still at this late hour have a couple of people who did not pick up their order. I am going to have to get tough and put my foot down.

Here is a picture of Clover. She seems to be doing well.

This thing is HUGE. You just can't tell from the picture. One of my customers came by today. She commented on how neat it was. I told my husband and he figured she was goofy like me. =) He has let me keep it though.

The air seemed to be pretty heavy tonight. The neighbors had a fire going. You can see the smoke is not really rising but going back down and hanging low to the ground.

These are just some pictures of the sky this evening.

I pray that ya'll had a great day today.


Kelli said...

Thank you for sharing your day with us, Marci! It sounds like you have been busy! The sunset pictures are beautiful!


Unknown said...

Thank you, darling, for calling the tow truck! Jessi-girl says she had SOOOO much fun!!! She wants to go back and watch a cow get milked. ;-D

Sharon said...

God paints beautiful pictures, doesn't He?

LadySnow said...

Sounds like a very eventful day....but a good day. :)

Patty said...

Pretty sky Marci and Clover looks good. I am anxious for cold weather to arrive !

The Sisters said...

We enjoyed reading about your day,The sunset Pictures are ao pretty!!