Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Back Way Home!!

We took the scenic route home again today. :) Actually we went another direction to be able to see a water fall we had heard about. These next pictures are of the waterfall.

This was a big hole at the base of the rock cliff. I thought of bears. :) Michael thought it would be a good place to go in a storm.

This was starting back up the trail to the top.
This is looking straight up at the cliff.

This is showing where the water goes once it has come over the falls.

This is the very bottom of the falls.

This is looking back down the trail to the falls. See the tree right up against the cliff. It must have come down this winter.

I found some really neat moss and ferns.

The moss was so pretty.

These next 2 are from the top of the falls looking down.

Here is a short video of the falls. I love to hear a waterfall.

We saw this on our way home as well. Everyone was out working on this beautiful sunshiney day.


Sheila said...

Good Morning Marci,
Your blog is so enjoyable! I love your pictures. I also want to say Thank You! I finally found the cheese information I've been hunting for. I'm just so excited to get going. My husband is happy with me trying it too :) You have blessed me and my family with your love of God and experience. God Bless, Sheila

Sharon said...

The waterfall is so pretty! I love to hear them too. It's so peaceful.

We used to do a lot of hiking to waterfalls when we first moved to GA. There are so many here. I need to scan some pictures to share. Thank you for sharing yours!!!