Monday, March 07, 2011

We Need to get Springing!!

With Spring in the air, it reminds me of things that need to happen outside. We have to cut back some of the brush, and clear out parts of the garden. The ground around the newer grapevines needs to be turned a bit and some mulch put down.

We have one of those wood swing sets that needs to be readied for Spring. It is really old and has held up pretty well. We want to replace the glider that was on there. We also have a canopy to put up, once we build a frame for it.

I have an outbuilding that I would like to move to replace our sheep shed. We are waiting on some help for that. Our sheep get sheared tomorrow if it all goes well. Then I will have fleeces to get ready to sell.

What are some Spring time preparations at your house?

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