Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sheep Have Been Sheared

The sheep have been sheared for this year. We got the sheep into the barn the night before and we sorted out the ones who were being sheared. We kept them locked in one side of the barn over night. The others were free to come and go. Here is a picture of the ones not being sheared. After being sorted the night before, they were keeping their distance.

The Wonderful Neighbor children came over to watch. The oldest WN boy lent a helping hand. The WN girls were just watching. Love that smile!!

Here is the youngest WN boy finding a better place to watch.
Here come the sheep hoping for a peanut after their ordeal. Some are naked and some are not. :)

They look so different when they are shorn.

The littlest WN decided after watching a couple of sheep getting their hair cut that she would rather ponder the world outside the barn. :)

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Anonymous said...

It was so interesting to see the pics of the sheep being shorn.. I have never seen anything like it :) I love your blog and the lovely music..