Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty Is All Around Us

Last weekend we had some errands to run and then had to deliver something to a friend. We took the scenic route since the day was so beautiful. These pictures don't even do it justice. This little area had little ponds of water from the recent rains. They were everywhere. The large rock formations covered in moss. It was beautiful.

The river was still a bit high here.

We saw two huge wild turkeys. They both had very red heads and huge beards. They ran as soon as the car stopped, so I could only get this picture of them.

I loved the view in these next 2 pictures. The sun was filtering down through the leaves and the needles on the cedar trees. The stream was bubbling and gurgling away (I love that sound) and it was so peaceful.

I am trying to be more appreciative of the beauty all around. I keep thinking of Japan and what has happened. It started out as a normal day and then their lives, homes and landscapes were forever changed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marci, Thanks for coming by and for your comment about my family. Your photos are just beautiful. I miss living on the farm so much. A farm is such a wonderful place. My girls grew up on a farm and now they have their own farm with horses, dogs, etc. They love the farm life. Your music is beautiful and I enjoyed listening. Have a great weekend.

Sharon said...

Your pictures are so peaceful and beautiful. Love the stream!