Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Naked Sheep Yet!!

There are lots of signs of Spring all around. Just because we are supposed to get 2" of snow tonight will not stop my excitement over Spring.
These pitiful little things are Crocus leaves coming up. I hope they flowers are allowed to live. These are in the pup's run. :)

There are Daffodils coming up all over the place. I noticed them all up and down our driveway.

We have had a pair of hawks flying over head. I caught this picture of one of them when they were circling over my chickens. We have not lost a chicken to them yet, but I do have a couple of banties out there that would be a tasty morsel to them.

The cows have enjoyed laying out in the sunshine. We were hoping they were both bred, but now believe Clover (spotted one) is not.

The pond is full and is being enjoyed by the Wonderful Neighbors.

Still no naked sheep. The first time they were supposed to be sheared, it rained. The next time, we could not get them in the barn and I was not feeling so hot that morning. They are back on the schedule for Friday, but not sure that is going to happen because of the weather.

The Pup is really growing. She is 9 months now. She is a real charmer and very relational. :) She is my buddy.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the goings on here.

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Adkins Family farm said...

We're going to get 2 to 5 inches of snow tonight too. Spring is coming I just wish it would hurry up. I like the sheep pictures and that's a cute dog.