Thursday, March 03, 2011

To Shear or not to Shear...

It is shearing time again. We like to get them sheared before they lamb and before they go to the butcher. Only some of my sheep are being sheared this year. All of last years lambs are half Shetland and half Katahdin, which is a hair sheep instead of a wool sheep. Their fleece will not really be any good, plus all the lambs are going to the butcher. The seven ewes were supposed to be sheared this past Monday, but due to the big storm, it got put off. I am trying to make it work for next Monday. Here are some good before pictures.

I will be sure to get some good after pictures as well.

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Katy said...

They are so sweet! I just love them! :) I had a lamb, who I raised and loved greatly. She was my sweet gal...but she passed away, unexpectedly, recently and it made me horribly sad. We were talking about getting another lamb, since they are herd animals, this spring. And then one day, I went out to her and she was gone. It was just awful! You are blessed to have your sheep!!! I love the pictures of them!

Katy :)