Sunday, March 06, 2011

Changing Weather Patterns

The weather has been changing its mind a lot lately. We have had lots of rain in this part of the world. There were flood warnings almost state wide. We had many of the state routes around here closed due to creeks and rivers over their banks and covering the roads. I think it was a combination of the melting of lots of snow and ice and all the rain that fell in a short amount of time. Lehman's Hardware, which is famous for its line of non-electric items, experienced a flood for the first time in their history. You can see a video of the damage here. They believe it was caused by a large culbert being blocked by ice and snow and then gave way, creating a flash flood like a tidal wave. You can read about the details here.

We have a wet spring in our woods. It usually starts running in the Spring and goes until sometime in the summer when it finally dries up. It never is much more than a small rivulet or water. With the rain and the melting snow and ice, it went over our driveway instead of just under it. As we were leaving to go to town yesterday, I looked over and saw a little waterfall. So, when we got home from town, I talked Michael into going out in the woods and taking a picture of it. Here is the picture and then a video he took of the stream.

Then this morning, we woke up to a covering of snow. :) There was about 2" on the car, but much less on the ground probably due to moisture in the ground, causing some of it to melt.

Spring is almost here though. I can tell. We have daffodils coming up and robins and blue birds. :)

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