Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Time Use Coupon and Huge Homestead Blessing DVD Sale.

There are two things I want to tell you about Vision Forum. First, they sent out an email to their subscribers with a special thank you gift. They are giving each one a coupon code to get 40% off any one item. The coupon can only be used one time. I will not be using mine, so I am passing it along to the first person that wants it and uses it.

The coupon code is: 2MPKBH2L2KMA

This special savings coupon ends on midnight (CDT) on March 22, 2011, is valid only online, and may only be used to purchase any single product produced by Vision Forum (no other products may be included with your order). This offer may not be applied to past orders.


Then I wanted to share with you the special 48 hour sale on the Homestead Blessing DVDs. I LOVE these DVDs. Even though I have done many if not most of the things they share, I have learned something new off of each one. They are great to have as a resource and make wonderful gifts.

Homestead Blessings DVDs...Hosted by the West Ladies! 48-HOUR SALE — Choose Any 3 DVDs,
Save 30%

For 48 hours only, save 30% on the popular Homestead Blessings DVD Collection when you purchase any three or more DVDs in the series! This sale ends at midnight (CDT) on March 17, 2011. Purchase here.

The Homestead Blessings DVD Series is a fun-filled collection of homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining style that your family will love! Join the always-delightful, adventurous West ladies — Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and Cecilia — as they teach sewing, bread-making, cooking, canning, gardening, herbs, candle-making, dairy, soap-making, quilting, and crafting. These valuable, real-life skills will inspire you in a wide range of homemaking endeavors!

Buy Three or More and Save 30%!

Through March 17, save 30% when you purchase any three or more DVDs from the Homestead Blessings Collection. Simply add at least three DVDs to your cart, and your cost will automatically drop to just $11.90 each!

This incredible resource will cultivate creative frugality skills that will help your family better steward both your health and your financial resources, as well as inspire ladies of all ages to develop valuable skills that will last a lifetime — and have fun doing it!

48 HOURS ONLY: Save 30% When You Purchase Any 3 or More DVDs

This 48-hour sale ends at midnight (CDT) on March 17, 2011, is valid only online, and may not be applied to past orders.

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Sheila said...

Hi Marci! My name is Sheila. I came across your site from Welltellme a long time ago, and I wanted to say hi. I just love coming here; learning so many things, and I tend to feel like I almost "know" you. You seem so kind and gentle. I live in Brainerd, MN. We (my husband) milk three cows; two jerseys and a jersey/red holstein. I'm just going to give cheesemaking a try. I've kept us in butter since we got them, but cheese seems so much more intimidating :) Anyway ~ maybe too much information for you, but I've felt compelled to say hello. God Bless, Sheila