Sunday, May 02, 2010

Rain and the Flowers it Brings

We have had rain this weekend. We have not gotten as much as they predicted though. My heart goes out to those in Tennessee and Kentucky that have horrible flooding.

My dear sweet husband got one of the movable chicken pens ready for chicks. They NEED to be out in the field, but we hate to put them out in the rain. Hopefully, they will go out tomorrow. The other pen needs LOTS of work, so it will be a project this week. We also want to get a third pen in working order for the layer chicks.

My Wisteria is in full bloom and smells so good, that I can't even describe it. As soon as you walk out the door, you can smell it because the wind blows it that way. I have to keep walking over and burying my nose in the blossoms. Oh, if a flower can smell that good down here on earth, can you even begin to imagine what the smells in heaven will be like.

My cement birdbath had become a danger. The pedestal was cracked and falling apart. I did not want it to fall on a child or even an animal. The bowl was a separate piece and it was really heavy. My wonderful man gave me my Mother's Day gift early. He bought me a new birdbath. He just put it out today. I am hoping the rain will fill it up.

Here are those same bleeding heart blooms that I showed you here. I am always amazed at all the different flower shapes and colors that God has made and how they come back year after year looking just the same.

We have had a wonderful day so far. I attempted to make bagels this weekend. They tasted good, but they were weird looking. I need to do some more research and try again. :)


Nancy said...

What a beautiful birdbath!

Sharri said...

And, your birdbath is just gorgeous!