Saturday, May 22, 2010

News From The Farm

I am sorry that I have not been very good about updating my blog. It seems that life took on a form of its own. I hope to get back to writing on here more often and sharing pictures with you.

For those of you who have asked about my Dad... He is home and doing better. He is still very weak, but walking a bit farther each day. Thank you all so much for praying for him and for the family. My brother still does not have answers, but they are still praying about what to do. We did get good news that my one brother whose heart was only working at 15% is now up to 55%. The pacemaker is doing a good job.

My nephew made me this birdhouse many years ago. I have it up on my porch more as decoration, since I don't have a good place to hang it. This is the second year in a row that a little wren has moved into the upstairs apartment in it. :) She sings REALLY loud, but I love to hear it.

I am not sure if these are multi-flora or berries or what. They are on the side of my house and need to go away. :)

This tree is blooming in the chicken yard. I have not gone up close to see what it is, but I never remember seeing it bloom before. I need to go back and look at last years pictures. I have peach trees that bloom out there, but don't remember this one.

We had good friends from another state come and visit us for a nice long weekend. My Dad had his heart attack after they got here, so it was sort of hectic coming and going, but they were so sweet about it. My dear sweet husband had a birthday on Tuesday. We had the Wonderful Neighbors over (they also knew our company) and had brownies with THICK icing. That was his request. The children had a great time playing.

The two little girls were not too sure about each other. :)

Our friends brought me many wonderful gifts. I was thrilled. One of them was this lamb. He is so soft, especially on his nose. His legs have wires in them and you can pose her or she will stand on her own.

She brought me some blue wool yarn to make a darling bowl like the one in this picture. She gave me the bowl as well. Also, she let me have all the sock yarn on the right. I was thrilled with all my gifts. :)

Here is a close up of the little bowl. It is so cute.

Our friends left their 11 year old with us for awhile to be a farm hand. He is taming a couple of wild kittens he found. He wants to take this one home.

There is a new nest in the bluebird box. I am sure this one IS a bluebird. We have seen them, and the eggs are much smaller and the nest is different.

Here are some of our bovine. This is all of them except for Buttercup.

Here is good old Buttercup. She is at least 14 years old and gives the best milk.

We got the laying chicks out into their tractor. They are loving it.

There are flowers already blooming in my one flower garden. They came up from last year. :)

I pray you all have a wonderful Lord's Day!!!


Teresa said...

It's so lovely to hear your updates, especially about the healing (albeit slow) of your dad and brother. I'm sure it's still such a blessing.

I miss blogging but am getting a lot done around here. We have forgone a garden this year in an attempt to clear off a better spot. We started building a portable chicken coop today. I have poison ivy AGAIN. lol.

Much love to you and may you have a very blessed Lord's Day also!
~ t.

Adkins Family farm said...

I'm so glad to hear that your dad and brother are doing better. I like your kitten. It is adorable. Is your milk cow getting ready to calve. She looks so big in the picture.