Thursday, May 06, 2010

Animal Containment

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We occasionally get questions about what sort of fencing we use. We have been given an opportunity to share that with you.

When we first got goats we had a fenced in area in the back part of our 1.1 acres. They seemed content and we had little problem with them getting out. Once we moved to this farm, we had no fencing in place and needed to put some up. We had sheep, goats, cows and chickens that all needed fencing. We like to practice rotational grazing, which means that we move the animals around and don't give them access to the whole area at once. This actually follows what cows especially do in nature. They are grazers that are on the move. Also, we like to give our grass times of rest to re-grow and be ready for grazing another time.

We looked at all sorts of fencing, but decided to go with electric fencing.
This is an easy to install and very portable fencing system. Most of our fencing is easily moved by one person in a short amount of time. Fi-Shock sells many types of fencing as well as chargers. Our chargers are all mounted in a barn or shed. However, you can get battery operated ones as well as solar powered ones. Most of the time it just takes one or two times for an animal to get shocked to learn to steer clear of the fences. These can also be used to keep other animals out of your pasture area. Our chickens free range right now, but we have fencing available if a predator becomes a problem. There are also a lot of deer out in our area. They can damage young trees, garden and other foliage on your property. There are electric fences made to keep them out.

We no longer have goats, but still use the portable electric fencing with our sheep and cows. We are able to limit or extend our pastures as there is a need. They can easily be taken around an area that you don't want the animals in. We have one area that has a large hole. We can take the fence around it very easily. It also lets us graze the animals on weird shaped pieces of land. We have even had the fence around the strip of grass between our back door and our garden. That way, the sheep had more grass and we did not have to mow.

We have also used high tensile fencing as a perimeter barrier. This works well, but is not movable.

If you are wanting versatility and a fence that will keep you animals in, then electric fencing is the way to go. You do need to test it periodically to make sure that all is working well, but we are more than pleased with the fencing choice we made.

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