Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Adventure Meets Courageous Boyhood - Save 25-50%

Summer Adventure Meets Courageous Boyhood
Save 25%-50% Through May 25

There is a sacred window of time in a boy’s life when everything is possible: He can rescue the damsel in distress, explore America with Lewis and Clark, brave impossible odds with missionaries of the Cross, or journey the Atlantic with the Pilgrims. Tragically this window is shrinking because our modern culture is at war with courageous boyhood. Many have forgotten what it means to be a boy and dream the noble dreams of youth.

The time has come to rebuild a culture of courageous boyhood. Boys need vision, and every toy, tool, and book from the All-American Boy’s Adventure Catalog has been carefully selected to fit the overall concept designed to inspire and motivate boys to dream big dreams for the glory of God.

Vision Forum wants to help you create summer adventures for your boys with a special selection of items. These are the kinds of toys boys dream about! From slingshots, blow dart guns, and survival knives, to battle swords, ant farms, and survival guide books, we offer toys and tools that inspire adventure and creative backyard play for adventure boys of all ages. Our products will teach your boys the skills and noble duties of manhood while providing countless hours of good, clean fun.

Save 25%-50% on 70 of Our Favorite All-American Boy Products!

To help your family make the most of this special summer season for outdoor adventure and learning, Vision Forum is pleased to announce 25%-50% savings, for six days only, on seventy of our favorite All-American Boy’s Adventure Catalog products! Don’t miss this limited-time special offer — prepare your family now for a summer to remember! Our sale ends at midnight on May 25, 2010 (CDT). Special pricing may not be applied to past orders.

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