Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm Updates

Now, there are 3 eggs in the nest. We have seen a bluebird around there so we are pretty sure these are bluebird eggs. The eggs are smaller and the nest is different than the starling nest.

This seems to be the favorite hummingbird feeder. They empty it first.

We have lots of little apples. :) I believe these are the McIntosh.

These are either Mutsu or Golden Delicious.

These are Jonathans.

There are quite a few peaches.

The Blueberry bushes are loaded as well.

Star went on my tour with me. She loves to walk around the yard with someone. She investigates everything.

The multi-flora roses are blooming. They smell so good. Their scent is just in the air out by the woods.

Here are the little wild cherries coming out.

This is coming up our driveway toward the house.

This video was taken on the driveway last evening. The birds were praising the Lord. The air was full of wonderful scents and the air was warm!!


Sharon said...

Sounds like you live in a bird sanctuary! LOL! That's what it sounds like here sometimes too. I was on the back porch today and Mr. Hummingbird came to visit. Also, a wren built a nest in a small box that was sitting on the porch and the parents were hopping back and forth to feed their babies. At first they were nervous about me sitting out there watching, but finally they realized I wasn't a threat and went about their business.

Patricia said...

Ok. I have to ask. What is tha ton Star's head!

Marci said...

Patricia, that is actually behind her. It is the trunk of one of our fruit trees. It has a piece of tiling around it. :)