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Marci's All Purpose Salve

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Here is a recipe for salve that I make. It is truly useful for many different purposes. We have used it on cuts, burns, for diaper rash, for chapped lips, dry skin and other things as well.

Marci's All Purpose Salve

2 oz. dried comfrey leaves
1 oz dried calendula petals
2 Cups olive oil
3 oz. beeswax
4 drops tea tree oil

Heat herbs in olive oil over low heat for FIVE HOURS. DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL or BUBBLE. (Crock pot, lowest setting is good)

Strain out herbs, and slowly melt in beeswax.... cut it into small pieces so it will melt faster. When wax is melted, remove from heat and add tea tree essential oil. Pour immediately into containers, as beeswax hardens pretty quickly! This should fill about two to four baby food jars. You don't want to make too much of this, because of the oil, it could go rancid, and you would lose your whole investment.

****You can also add the oil of one vitamin e capsule, for preservation, and additional medicinal therapy. You can also adjust this salve to fit different needs, by adding aloe vera, goldenseal, or any other essential oils to it. It is a very flexible salve.

NOTE......If you have time to wait for the salve, there is a much more beneficial way to do it. Take a jar, about the size of a Polaner all fruit jar (I think it is 10 oz.) pack it with calendula petals, and pour olive oil over it, all the way to the top. Do the same with comfrey in a separate jar. Keep in a dark place for about three to six weeks (you will see the oil begin to draw out the color of the herb, the longer the I have some that has been sitting for three months now) Turn it upside down every day, to make sure all the herbs are covered with oil....for the first few days you may need to add a little more oil as the herbs start to absorb it. Once you are ready to make your salve, strain the herbs off. Measure out 1 cup of the oil (combined total) and heat on low for 30 minutes. then melt in 1/4 cup of beeswax chips. Remove from heat, add essential oils and vitamin e if desired. By cutting down the heating time, you run a less chance of the salve going rancid.

This is just our observations from making this salve and using it over the last 15 years. The statements above are not meant to be as giving medical advice.

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