Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Trees Are Coming To Life

I am thinking that these baby birds in my bluebird house are Starlings. What do you think?

The Wild Cherry trees are blooming.

We have our first chicken tractor all ready for the birds. The sides can lift up to about half way so that they get good sunshine and a nice breeze. We can put them down as they are shown here when there are storms.

Here is the other end.

I was finally able to take a good close-up of a dandelion. :)

This is either Wild Mustard or Wild Carrot. I always get them confused. I believe it is Wild Mustard though.

There are flower buds on the Multi Flora Roses (Briers).

The Honeysuckle is blooming and it smells so good.

Here an Oak of some sort is putting out its blooms and new little leaves.

There are tiny little apples on the apple trees.

The Blueberry bushes are blooming.

This limb of a Wild Cherry frames the path entrance into the woods.

Star went on a walk with me. She always has to be out in front.

These were blooming all through the woods.

Here is a big patch of May Apples. They are blooming or at least some of them are blooming.

This is looking straight down on one.

My friend Ginny always gives fancy names to everything in her yard. So, in like fashion, I will call this the lakes region of our driveway. :)

There were some good mud puddle reflections.

Here is the only Dogwood I have seen bloom on our property this year. Usually there are quite a few.

Here is our little stream.

I don't know what this is, but it looked so Spring-like.

Here you can see the bloom on this May Apple. They hang down from the underside.

I loved the sun on this tree, with the one beside it in a shadow. I kept hearing a bird singing up there. I finally found him and zoomed in on him. His picture is below.

Here is the bird. Any idea of what he is?

This shows how one of the tree lets its leaves unfold.

I hope you enjoyed your walk. Star and I did. :)


Sharri said...

Nice to have a tour of the spring changes on the farm! :)
Love the pic of Star!

Oh, and I love the smell of honeysuckle!

Anonymous said...

Did I build that?

Marci said...

Who are you and build what? If you are Joshua, you helped to build the chicken pen and you did build the bluebird feeder. :)