Thursday, July 16, 2009

Round 2

I received that early morning call from the Post Office. They let me know that my chicks had arrived. They ask if I want to pick them up, or do I want them sent with the carrier. I tell them, I will come and get them. You can hear them peeping away in the background. I usually go to the back door of the Post Office to pick them up. No one sees me come in. I holler that I am hear to get the noise makers. I hear a "Thank Goodness" from one corner. Someone else goes and gets them for me.

This is half of the chicks that we got today. We ordered 100.

Here is some of the other half already in the brooder.

I took a short video so you can hear how loud these little guys can be. Star LOVES chicks. She is right there beside me. She loves to give them kisses and to hang over the edge of the brooder and watch them run around. :)


Anonymous said...

Your baby chicks are so adorable!
I just found your blog and I can see I'll have to spend some time here looking around-- you are so blessed to be able to live on a farm-- I would love it!
God bless,

Renae said...

So adorable! I just love chicks! Your post brought back the memory of when we used to pick up our chicks at the post office, when I was a kid.

Sharri said...

Wow, those little guys sure have a set of lungs on em! LOL

Salomé said...

Aww, I loved this post. I remember the time when my oldest brother also farmed with chickens for a while, and I just adored those little chicks.
Keep shining for God!

Kim said...

Marci, you won the necklace giveaway on my blog. Send me your address at liasophiakimw @ (omiting the spaces) and I'll mail it out to you.


Growing In Grace Magazine said...

What fun! One day I hope my family can raise chickens. :O)