Sunday, July 26, 2009

Always something going on at the farm...

Keep praying about Josh & Britt. There has been no real change as of yet.

Monarch George should come out of his chrysalis tonight or tomorrow. Click on the pictures and make them bigger. You can see his wings inside the chrysalis. A MIRACLE!!!!

Here is Star. She seems to really enjoy being the only dog. Belle went to live with Joshua and Brittany.

I just really liked this picture. It is a Gladiola that got blown over in the wind. It is laying across the weeds and mulch. I love all the shapes and greens with that splash of red.

Here are the baby bluebirds. At first there were four of them. Last time I looked there were three. Now, there is just these two.

I love to see all the colors in each sheep's fleece. You can click on any of these and make them bigger as well.

A real "Tails" from the farm photo.
THE END!! :)

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