Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Faith Like Potatoes Again...

I wrote a post about a movie called, "Faith Like Potatoes" awhile back. I would highly encourage you to get a hold of a copy and watch it. God has been teaching us a lot about faith lately. All sorts of situations have come up and we have run across it in our Bible study, etc. We are praying over some really big things right now. We watched a video online on Sunday by a preacher named Terry Virgo. It was on prayer and the power that is in it. I also highly recommend you watching it as well. It was a wonderful reminder to us of just how important prayer is and having faith in your prayers.

We planted potatoes this year. The vines have not done very well at all. One of our friends from church saw them and basically told us not to expect much because they looked so sad. :) I told her that we had faith like potatoes (which will make no sense to you unless you have watched the movie). I told her that we would wait and see what God was doing and trust Him for a potato harvest. Last night, Michael saw where one of the vines had died off totally. He decided to feel down in the soil with his hands to see if there was anything there. He figured we would not remember to dig there when we looked for potatoes. Look what he brought in!!!

This was a shot in the arm to my faith again. God is awsome!!! God is able!!! He is my Father and I want to have great faith in Him. Thank you Lord, for this promise you gave us with the potato.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Faith is so important. I have already watched Faith like Potatoes. It was so good. I loved it!!
God Bless!

Faith said...

Growing us in faith seems to be God's main priority. All of what we think, say and do has to do with our faith in Him. Much is revealed.

Nice post. :)