Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Animals On The Farm!

One of the things that Michael wanted to accomplish today was to deal with this mess. :) This was trash from several places, plus some stuff that was not trash. He got it done and this is not the first sight that greets you when you pull in the driveway.

The green beans are blooming!!!
These are Gladiolas I picked from the yard. I also picked the little bouquet in front of them.

Here is Bert and Ernie. Aren't they cute?

We have new critters on the farm. Friday night pigs arrived. A couple of them are the WN's.

I pray you all have a wonderful Lord's Day!!!


Jenna said...

Doesn't it feel good to tackle a spot and get it looking so nice?!

Your hogs look real nice and long:) How many do you have? We do hogs for 4h and then keep 2 ourselves...homegrown pork is the best!!!


The Dearborns said...

Bert and Ernie are ADORABLE! Reminding me of the dairy. :) I can't send you that picture just now, because I don't have my email account. I will try to remember when we get to Oki! :) Love you, and hope things are well!

Marci said...

Jenna, there are 5 hogs total. Two of them are the Wonderful Neighbors. The other three are ours. We will keep one and sell two.

-Brad- said...

HEY!!!!.. I wonder who put most of that stuff on the wagon???????