Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Date With My Man!!

Do you ever get a receipt from a restaurant or a store that gives you a chance to call a number or get on line and take a survey about your experience there? I have gotten quite a few from different places. I usually go online or call and take their survey. It finally paid off. We had gone to a Cracker Barrel a long time ago. We think the last possible time would have been our trip to Tennessee in February. We are not even sure we went then. Anyway, we received a gift certificate for 2 complete meals. We had been waiting to use it, but it expires at the end of this month. We decided that we would go yesterday. The closest Cracker Barrel is about an hour away. We actually have our choice of several that are about that distance. We went and had a wonderful meal. We couldn't finish the meal, so we brought the rest home. They even gave us dessert to go as part of the deal. A cheap date and some good time spent together talking and enjoying one another.

We decided to wander home the back roads. Michael had gone to Pleasant Hill Lake as a child. Joshua has been there several times to boat, fish and ski. I had never been there. It is an earthen dam that the road goes right over the top. We stopped and got out to look around a bit. In this first picture, the dam is to the right. This tower is the intake for the water. There are grates at the bottom of it which I will show you in another picture. The walkway out to it is open, but it ends right at the dam. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was gorgeous.

This is called Morning Glory overflow drain. There was a board that told about the dam. It said that each dam has to have a way to get water around the dam in extreme flood conditions. That is what this is for. If the water came up this high, it could drain under the dam. I don't remember exactly how old it is, but it has never had to be used. It is a huge concrete tube.

This was growing up on a big rock. I am not sure what it is, but it sure is pretty.

I loved this little plant. It reminds me of when I have said or I have heard others say that they feel like they are all alone where they live. This little plant was growing away where it was planted. It was on a huge rock face and it was all by its lonesome. I think it is a good lesson for me. It is praising the Lord in the way it was created to praise. I need to be about the same thing.

This is the downhill side of the dam. There are steps and a path you can walk down to the water, or there is a path up and through the woods.

Here is where the water comes out at the bottom of the dam. The water in the lake was a bit low. This water looks like it was stagnant though. That is not foam from a fast flowing stream. It was scum.

Here is the base of the dam on the lake side.

Here is the walkway out to the tower.

This is looking down from the walkway to the bottom of the tower. You can see the grates the water flows into. I saw them on at least 3 sides of the tower.

This is the lake side of the dam as seen from the tower. The guardrail at the top is the road. There was not room to stand on this side of the road and look down.

On the way home we saw a doe and her fawn in the road. I grabbed my camera, but they took off into the woods. We stopped and the fawn stopped to look back at us. Michael was able to get its picture.

We had a very enjoyable day together. Take time to enjoy your loved ones. Especially your spouse. Too often busy-ness takes our time.


LadySnow said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. And I guess I should keep filling out those surveys. LOL I always wonder if they will ever pay off...maybe someday it actually will. :-)

Sharri said...

So glad you had a wonderful date courtesy of C.B.! :)
The damn looked big, and lovely!