Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This And That

The Wonderful Neighbors gave us some red raspberries. They are a personal favorite of mine. I decided to make a raspberry cheese danish. I got my sweet cheese out of the freezer to thaw, made the dough and put it together. I was really tired and did not feel like taking lots of pictures or even taking time to put the braid together nicely. I tried a couple of times and gave up. It tastes really good, but is not too pretty to look at. :) So, you get to see this before picture. I was just beginning to put the raspberries on.

My fennel George was hanging around. I kept watching him closely because I wanted to see him get into his jammies (make his chrysalis). They must be really shy, because they always wait until I am not around to do so. Here he is all sealed up waiting for God to perform the miracle of metamorphosis.

We had fog this morning. Here are some pictures I took of the fog.

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

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Nancy said...

I was telling my husband about your wonderful neighbors coming over to milk, do chores, and pull weeds in the garden and he said "And they're moving?!) :-)