Friday, July 10, 2009

Glory in the Garden

I love to be out in the garden. There is so much there that proves we have an awesome and mighty Creator. I love to see how quickly things grow. I love to see things that remind me of Him. One of the reasons that I LOVE sunflowers is because they are a reminder to me. They tell me to keep my face to the Son!! In the morning, when I go out they are all looking toward the sheep shed, because that is where the sun is coming up. In the evening, they are all looking toward the house because that is where the sun disappeared. It reminds me of that song I love...

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim. In the light of His glory and grace.

That is so true. When we keep our focus on Him and not on the problems, hurts and "waves" around us, those things don't seem so big.

Here are my bean plants. I love to see them find their way up the wires. They cling tightly to what is around them. Another lesson. What do I have around me. That is what I will cling to. If I let all the things of this world be my focus, then I am clinging to earthly things that have no eternal value and I lose perspective.

Here is my lettuce bed. It is doing wonderfully. It is protected by the sunflowers. God gives us protection if we will take advantage of it. In the midst of His protection, we can grow and flourish. Or if we choose to do things our own way and step out from that protection we will become bitter.

I meant to take a picture of the little zucchini plant and forgot. This is the yellow squash plant. It is huge and "showy". However, there are no buds on it. The little zucchini plant is much smaller and does not look quite so good, but there are several blooms on it. Sometimes we like to be "showy", but it is not producing anything but a nice look on the outside. We may not be out in front shining gaining the praise of men, but we can have real and lasting fruit if we allow God to shine instead of ourselves.

I did not mean to turn this whole post into a devotional from the garden. I have just seen so many things out there today that were reminders to me. Here are some of my paste tomatoes growing.

This is a wee baby cucumber. I am praying and hoping that these will grow well. We LOVE pickles. I have 2 recipes that I use (one for dill and one for bread & butter pickles). We are on the last jar of each. I just opened the last quart of bread & butter pickles, but there are only about 2 dill pickle slices left. :)

Here are my gladiolas getting ready to bloom. Some of them did not come up this year. I am not sure, but it may have been too cold for them last winter.

I harvested more herbs this morning. I have some hanging to dry and some are in the dehydrator. I have oregano, thyme and chives in the dehydrator. It sure smells good in here.

Here are some chamomile blossoms waiting their turn in the dehydrator. I did not want Italian tasting chamomile. :)

I truly believe that hard times are coming for Christians in this land. Start looking around you for the lessons that God has given us through His creation. Start memorizing the Word. That may be the only Bible you get to have.

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Nancy said...

Thankyou for the great post! And, you would not believe how timely your comment about memorizing the Word is. I know you have probably been dreading anyone asking this but, are you going to do more "Tails From the Farm" stories?