Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monarch George Emerged!!

Another miracle has occurred at our house. The God of all creation has fashioned another butterfly. Yesterday morning, the chrysalis had turned clear. Here are 2 pictures of the folded up butterfly inside the chrysalis.

The next time I looked he was out. I left him in the jar for a short time to let his wings dry to the point that they were stiff. Then I put him out on the wreath on my front door. He stays out there slowly moving his wings and letting them fully dry. Then he flies off when he is ready. There is a very short video of him at the end.


Emily said...

How beautiful, Marci!
God's design in creation is amazing. He's so powerful and mighty, yet has such a gentle hand for such butterflies like George :)

Thank you for sharing!

Littlefiddlinneighbor said...

George is cute, We are keeping our eyes out for more!


Amy said...

Amazing and GORGEOUS photos!