Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting and Other Things

I got my knitting sampler done. I think it will come in very handy when I am wanting to decide what I want in a sweater or other project. It has 3 kinds of ribbing, it shows how to put in some extra hidden sort of rows in just one area. So, if I made a maternity sweater for someone I could put some extra rows just on the front to hang right. It shows 4 different type of raglan seams for sleeves. It has several different kinds of striping, buttonholes, flaps, sweatshirt pocket, cording, holes for cording to be put through and several different edgings.

I turned it sideways so that the lace edging would lay out flat. I think this would be really cute on the end of sleeves or at the neckline. Below that in the picture there is a sort of cording edge. At the end of the cording edge you continue it making a cord and then a loop. Maybe that sweater would actually get hung on a hook or something. =)

This shows a rib edging and above it a hem edge. You can also see the cording and the holes to weave it through.

This is the hemming edge. They had you knit your initials into it. For you knitters out there, you may think... "big deal". However, I am very much a BEGINNING knitter. I can't believe I was able to make this. Now, I am excited to start a sweater. I am going to make it for a little person. That way I will get done sooner. =)

These next couple of pictures are to show you the gray/brown of an Ohio winter. We did have some snow blowing a bit today. At one point it was pretty heavy, but the ground had thawed out enough that nothing was sticking yet. It is currently 34 degrees. It it supposed to go back down into the single digits. I have to say that we are more than ready for spring at our house.

Here are my flowers my sweet honey brought me home. They smell so good. I enjoy the splash of color on my counter.

When someone points out something about you that is not one of your nicer points, how do you react? Are you calm on the outside and mad on the inside? Are you mad inside and out? Are you totally open and don't let your self get angry? I once heard someone say we are like a sponge. People know what we are made of and what we have on the inside by what comes out when we are squeezed. I often chaff on the inside and then try to bring myself to look for the truth of what was said. It may take me awhile to get there, but I usually do reach that place. I had another friend tell me today about a show she watched. She said that these people were rebellious and all sorts of things. Then she said she realized it was a mirror of herself. Have you ever gotten honest with yourself about who you really are? Do you see changes over time of the way you are? I know the changes for the good in me are only from God. He has weeded much out of my life, but He is still pulling weeds. =) I know it is Him because when I react in the correct way, it is almost like I was standing back and watching myself and wondering where that came from. Lord send a revival and let it begin with me!!


LadySnow said...

The sampler looks great....good job! :D

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sampler! Good job, darling! Feels good, eh?

fourkid said...

How wonderful you did with the knitting. The sampler is beautiful.

Sharri said...

Oh Marci, your sampler turned out wonderfully! I am impressed! :0)

The question you asked about how we react when someone points out faults....
I am usually initially mad. I have to chew on it awhile until the truth hits me. :0)

Lynn Bartlett said...

Love your sampler, Marci. I bought a book on knitting after Christmas, and don't even have my needles yet!

Teresa said...

Oh, Marci, I'm so impressed with your sampler! I look forward to the day when I can take up knitting b/c I think it just looks so much more "polished" than crochet does. You are well on your way with it!

When someone points out my faults, it really depends on the way they say it and whether they have a history of being "mean." If I received criticism from some of my extended family, I tend to think that they were just trying to be hurtful to their own fault. But if it's someone that I'm sure truly has my best at heart (like Hubby or kids) I quietly consider it until I can see it clearly. Either way, I tend to introspect until I decide the truth of what was said, but many times I feel a bit hurt at first and withdraw.

I imagine what I should do first is go to God in prayer with it!

with love, Teresa

Anonymous said...

What a nice job Marc!i

The Sisters said...

You did a wonderful job on your knitting sampler!

~Have a great week!~

~Holly&Katie~ TN said...

Marci, you deserve a round of applause!!!! Your sampler is great. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work. You will have a sweater done before you know it!