Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recovering Lost Manliness

The contemporary ideal of a modern man is far removed from the biblical vision. Today we see the machismo man, the effeminate man, the superficially sentimental man, the psychologically manipulated man, the angry man, and worse. But rarely do we see biblical men in deeply meaningful, sacrificial, thoughtful relationships with their families, their local church, and with other men.

One reason for the disappearance of male leadership in the church, the family, and the community is the absence of “godly gray hairs”—fathers and older men who have spent their lives modeling for the younger the meaning of manhood. Another reason is the lack of truly biblical, hearty, manly friendships. Yet another is the widespread acceptance of cultural ideals which promote effeminacy in men and masculinity in women.

But the Bible has a great deal to say about the culture and theology of manliness. It is full of exhortations that men take up the mantle of responsibility and “show [themselves] to be a man.”[i] It is replete with the principles and patterns of Christ-honoring manhood. And it contains warnings to any civilization which minimizes the significance of manliness. These exhortations, patterns, and principles of Scripture are timely reminders which must be taken seriously if we hope to see our children, our churches, and our nation prosper.

With this in mind, Vision Forum is pleased to present a collection of ten inspiring resources designed to help you recover lost lessons in manliness. Each of the tools in the Recovering Lost Lessons in Manliness collection is designed to address an important problem including: (1) What does the Bible say about true manhood?; (2) Why do men need manly friendships?; (3) Marrying well: Considerations for future suitors; (4) Why families need grandfathers?; (5) How to give a legacy of chivalry to your children’s children; (6) How one of America’s busiest fathers discipled his son; (7) How a man cries out for the hearts of his sons; (8) Great war stories that teach Christian character and manliness; (9) How to nourish a man’s heart with the words of godly manhood; and more.

Now through February 19, 2008, Vision Forum is making this Recovering Lost Lessons in Manliness Collection available at the discounted price of $79 (normally $165). That’s over 50% off the regular price for this collection of 6 CDs, 2 CD Albums, and 2 Books. Sale ends at midnight on Monday, February 19 (CST), and is good while supplies last. If you use the links above, I will get credit for it. Thank you to those of you who have used the links to buy your items.

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