Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Those sweet little friends next door showed back up again today. It has been a banner week for me. They have been here three different days!! Today they came over and fixed the snowman. They re-attached his head and gave him new eyes. I love him!!!

They neighbor's also brought over Valentines and cupcakes for us. They made these heart shaped by putting a marble in the muffin pan. They were really good. We each had one for dessert.

I got to the Fair Isle part of knitting on my sampler. It looks so complex and it was so easy.

Here is a picture of Star. She has been sort of clingy the last few days. We are not sure what is wrong with her. She has such expressive eyes.


Unknown said...

The snowman is much handsomer since his makeover. :-D

The sampler is absolutely beautiful! Good job! I told you it was easy.... ;-)

Now, as for Star. She just has that motherly look about her. She is such a motherly type. She is probably wanting to mother you. (hint hint) LOL!

LadySnow said...

Your sampler looks really good and those cupcakes look delicious!