Thursday, February 21, 2008

A. D. Chronicles

I have long been a fan of Brock and Bodie Thoene's books. I read the Zion Chronicles and the Zion Covenant series many times. I also read the Shiloh Legacy series. These are all historical fiction books. I just recently finished reading the A. D. Chronicles series for the second time. Book #7 just came out, so I only read it once. I love the historical accuracy of their books. You really learn as you read. I have never had another author that captivated me like the Thoene's. I have laughed and cried and been in suspense more with their books than with any other author. I do have one caution about these books though. Many of them have references that I would not want an unmarried person to read. If you would like more detail on that, please contact me. I realize that many of you that read my blog don't know me. I would never read or recommend a book that was off color in anyway. So, if you want more detail on what I am talking about, email me.
The A.D. Chronicle series is so good. It really encourages you to look at your Bible in a new way. EVERYTHING in the Bible means something. If someone says go to the fig tree... there is a reason it is fig tree and not cedar tree or whatever. It will cause you to be excited afresh in your Bible reading. The book shown above, The First Light is the first book in this series. If you click on the book or the link in the first paragraph it will take you to the Thoene's site and you can order an autographed copy or even an audio copy of this book and many others. If you use my links, I get credit. I will also put a link in the sidebar.


Sharri said...

I agree! I read the A D Chronicles books 1-5 and am currently reading #6-after you told me about them.
I really have learned so much, and it makes me think of the Bible and God in a new light.
Thanks for telling me about them!

Dalyn said...

Oh I love those books- I have read and reread them...I have them all but the last. I am so excited for that one!