Friday, February 29, 2008

Once Again... In The Meadow... =)

I was blessed again by those Wonderful Neighbor children. They were bored, there was good packing snow and here are the results!!!! Thanks for my snow family!!


Perri said...

How fun. All we get from our neighbors is their dog poop in our yard. Lucky you!

LadySnow said...

They look wonderful!

The Sisters said...

What a cute snow family!! (:
Have a great weekend!


Paula said...

Isn't it fun watching kids play in the snow? Before we moved to the NW, I took photos of my son and my other kid (husband Eric) having a snowball fight. The entire yard was fair play. The dog loved it just as much as everyone else. Looks like these kids are having a great time. Have a great weekend. :)