Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Again...

There were some really good points brought up in the comments on the last post. Robin, I believe your friend saw the rightness of it first hand and wanted to get to that place. It would be nice to visit somewhere that does a lot of cooking, but had minimal utensils, etc. I do know what you mean by wasting time and space. I could do some cleaning out of some things. Now, I will have a daughter-in-love to pass some of them on to. =)

Mrs. Wonderful Neighbor brought up the chopper from Pampered Chef. That thing is REALLY handy. I also just got one of their oil spritzers which is nice. I use it with my olive oil to spray my pans and I also spray on top of oven fries, etc. She also had a good idea with the mop. I wonder if she has one of the buckets that lets you wring it out. I will have to ask. I do not have one of those buckets and for that reason, I do not like the cotton mop. =)

Melanie, I too have seen those inside s'mores cookers. That is really cheating. I am not a big s'mores fan, but it would not be the same without a good fire going.

Patti, we always use extra virgin olive oil to make our popcorn. Are you saying you pour more on top? I am glad you use your popcorn popper. We don't have popcorn that often.

Lynn, I so agree with you on the big pots. People who do not can see all my huge stock pots and wonder what in the world I do with all of them with such a small family. =) They would cringe to know that sometimes I run out and need another one. I also have some huge bowls. I also have a Squeezo strainer. That has more than paid for itself doing applesauce and tomato sauce. With the apples, you just wash them and then quarter them. Cook them until they are a bit soft. Put them in the hopper and turn the handle. All the peels, cores, seeds and stems come out the end ready of the chickens or compost and the meat comes right through the screen as applesauce. I also have a huge pressure canner. I would actually like a smaller one as well. The big one is put into good use during canning season. It is a lot to handle though. When I cook a chicken or some beef and get some good broth, I like to can it. Also, if I have left over soup, I like to can it for lunch on other days. A small pressure canner would be a lot more handy to get out for those types of things. Or am I just spoiled... hmmm... Maybe I am. You can talk yourself into just about anything that way.

I will be going through everything in my house to see what I can get rid of. I have already started with my books. I am sure there are many things in my cabinets that can go as well. We would love to hear more from some of you. What could you not live without in your kitchen? What is rarely if ever used?


VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Hmmm... you're making me re-think the Jerky Cannon that I planned to purchase for my mother-in-law. :-) She makes great manicotti, but has a hard time getting the very thick filling into the noodles.

fourkid said...

Hi Patti here,
On the popcorn - Yes, after it is popped and in the bowl we drizzle some extra light olive oil over it. It has to be the extra light or it will tase funny - but with the extra light it is better than having it buttered. Even the kids all agree.

What can I do without? The 3 shelves of cookbooks I have. I jsut have to get rid of at least 2 shelves of them. That is hard as most of them came a s gifts or "great buys" I found. But who needs them all? I do actually use a lot of cookbooks - but those could fit on one shelf. So that is probably the biggest reason I am saving the kitchen for last. I know I will have to deal with those - but after I do the rest of the house - I am hoping it will be easier in the kitchen and the drive to have the whole house done will push me into getting rid of all those books just sitting there.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I never use my bread machine....I make it from scratch and by hand when I do make bread...may have to sell that on the next rummage sale.

One thing that I cannot live without is my big electric griddle (ok, I could live without it but I really love it).

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Wonderful Neighbor here (eyes rolling and yeah right on my brain). Yes Marci I do have a small mop bucket with just a place to put the mop and squeeze it and then Mr. Wonderful Neighbor bought me a big commercial one with the handle squeezie thing but, it is huge and I don't even have room for it in here so it's in the "big house" if you know what I mean (smile). I love my stainless steel teapot and am learning that I can live without my Bunn especially when grease somehow gets in it and you can't get it out. So, now we are using our camp percolator to make coffee till we figure out what to do with the Bunn. Anyway, I am really enjoying this gadget conversation and am wondering what other things could I live without in my life besides "kitchen" gadgets.....