Friday, August 27, 2010

A Spiritual Thermometer

I am really enjoying this Bible study we are doing. It constantly challenges me. I shared this in another place, but it so spoke out loud to me, that I wanted to share it here as well.

Here is the excerpt I want to share with you.

One essential aspect of humility is living in the constant awareness of the importance of other people. As a believer becomes involved in the lives of others, he becomes less consumed with himself. Conversely, the prideful person is preoccupied with self. His thinking almost always revolves around his own opinions, desires, and needs. Socially, he really is only concerned with himself and his own family. There is very little room left for anybody else because he is so huge in his own mind. Rather than serve others, he seeks to be served.

On the other hand, the humble believer matures out of that selfish thinking and becomes interested in other people. As self-consciousness decreases, he becomes increasingly aware of "the interests of other." Their lives take up a greater part of his consciousness, and he becomes smaller in his own mind. Humility is living with a great concern about the well-being of others and allowing their interests, needs, struggles, dreams and fears to play a big part in one's own life.

That contains such truth in a nut shell. Where is my focus? Do I concern myself with others and their problems, or am I self focused? It can be a spiritual thermometer we can use to see where we are and where we need to be.

Any thoughts on this?

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