Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Puppy Love

I thought I would do a puppy post. :) She takes up a lot of my day. Without having children around every day, she still needs some play time. She is as ornery as she is cute. We are working hard at training her.

One evening the Wonderful Neighbors came over. They all were playing with Skye and running her ragged (she slept good). Here is the older WN girl holding Skye. Their eyes are almost the same color. :)

She has several favorite spots. One of them is under my rocker. I don't like that, because I am afraid I will rock on her. I let her go though, because before too long, she will be too big to get under there.

She loves to torment Star and we have to really watch and not let her go on and on. She also loves to lay down close to her.

Here she is under my feet at the desk. This is another favorite spot.

This is a new spot and looks so uncomfortable. We have to have a heavy duty cord for our treadmill. There is a big coil of it laying beside the treadmill. She curls up in it like a nest and goes to sleep.

When she does her ears this way, she reminds me of Tramp in Lady & the Tramp.

She is growing fast. She was under 3 lbs. when we got her. The last time we weighed her, she was 10 lbs. I love holding her when she is all sleepy and cuddly. That won't last for long, so I am enjoying it while she is still small enough to hold.

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