Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Signs of the Season!!

I went out to check on the cucumbers. When I got near to the trellis they are on, something moved quickly and I was not sure what it was. As I was reaching to see how big a cucumber was, I noticed this little wren fledgling sitting very still. He was probably about 10 inches away from my hand. I went back in and got the camera. He was still there. I got a couple of pictures of him.

Then he turned his back on me and hopped off and into the weeds. I love his cute little tail.

We should have green beans ready to pick any day now.

We are getting lots of peppers, but some of them are supposed to turn colors and I don't remember which ones. :)

We have only had a couple of ripe tomatoes so far. I bought some from the Amish though. Nothing like a summer tomato just off the vine.

This is one of my Georges. The tip of his right wing got messed up some how. I don't know if something messed with him after I left him on my wreath or what. I am not sure what to do for him. He keeps flinging himself to the ground. I put my hand under him and he climbs on. I put him back up on the flowers.

I am so excited about our apples this year. We are going to have some apples of our own. I love to go and just look at them.

We will also have a few peaches. This poor tree has been through the wringer. Half of it fell off one winter in a storm.

The blackberries are ripe now. They are extremely sweet for blackberries this year.

Our grapes are also looking pretty good.

I know that you can tell things about the coming winter from things in nature. I am not sure what any of this means though. There are HUGE nuts on the hickory trees. There is more than normal and they are earlier than normal.

I saw the first goldenrod.

These are the cherries on the wild cherry trees. I have never seen them this plentiful.

Have you heard or seen anything about predictions for this coming winter? I know that God is in control, but I know He has ways of showing us how to get prepared for harsher conditions.


Sharon said...

We had plentiful blueberries and grapes this year. Our neighbor was commenting that we would probably have a long cold winter.

Sharri said...

Everything looks wonderful!
Loved the darling little birdie too! :)